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Category: Gaming

28 Nov

No Man’s Sky Moment


The Foundation Update… is actually kinda neat. Just one small moment from my first day with the new patch.… Read the rest

10 Nov

Brief Note


Hi all.

We at O:P are a small hobbyist site. We don’t have the resources (yet) to do a lot of outreach and grow our audience, but for those of you — mostly friends and family — who do check … Read the rest

6 Nov

Gaming Gutcheck — Titanfall 2


So, speaking as someone who didn’t end up playing much of the original Titanfall (I picked it up after the multiplayer craze died down, and there was no single-player mode to speak of) I really wasn’t super into Titanfall 2 … Read the rest

4 Nov

Gaming Gutcheck — Tethered (PSVR)


When you think VR, anything first-person seems like the obvious application. After all, the whole *point* of VR is to feel like you’re actually immersed in an environment, rather than viewing it through a flat window.

The biggest surprise for … Read the rest

1 Nov

Gaming Gutcheck: Elder Scrolls Online – One Tamriel


Ever since I Beta’d Everquest, MMOs have been a staple of my gaming activity. Despite the fact that I mostly solo, there’s something about the nature of a vast, living world that I find far more satisfying than any single-player, … Read the rest

24 Oct

PUGCast Bonus Video


Jamie tries PlayStationVR for the first time and dives into Face Pong.… Read the rest

14 Oct

Gaming Gutcheck: Playstation VR


It struck me that the romanticization of VR is largely a generational thing. GenX’ers like me who knew the pre-computer world and saw the rapid transformation that personal computing brought, tend to be a little more starry-eyed about it than … Read the rest

11 Oct

Gaming Gutcheck: Mafia III


I have a rocky history with the “Open World Crime Sim” genre. I really enjoy Open World in most of it’s manifestations. Crime Sim, however, gives me pause.

As a young man I could easily dismiss the moral ambiguity of … Read the rest

4 Oct

Game Gutcheck — Forza Horizon 3


Note: I’m going to start posting these short notes from time-to-time about games I’m currently playing. These aren’t intended to be in-depth reviews or to present the entire scope of the game, but just thoughts and impressions that I think Read the rest

4 May

Overwatch, Battleborn, and the New Wave of Video Game Inclusiveness


This week sees the release of Gearbox’s Battleborn and the open Beta for Blizzard’s Overwatch. Both games share so many similarities that at first glance they’re almost indistinguishable. Both are team-based shooters that owe more than a little to … Read the rest

27 Feb

Let’s Play: Marvel Heroes 2016


Taking advantage of crazy-ass XP weekend, here’s the first stream from the new studio. … Read the rest

24 Feb

Let’s Play: Far Cry Primal


Frankenrhythm gives us a look at Far Cry Primal… Read the rest