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Category: Operation: SimPUG

25 Feb

Operation: SimPUG Episode 2


The adventure continues, now with cats! Thrill to the cast of Operation: PUG doing banal daily chores! Excitement! Chills! Reading books in libraries!… Read the rest

11 Feb

Operation: SimPUG Episode 1


Sometimes you just can’t stop a bad idea. Inspired by Giant Bomb’s recent “13 Deadly Sims” feature, Kevin has created the cast of the cartoon in The Sims 4. Having played very little of The Sims, many things can and … Read the rest

19 May

Gaming Gutcheck: Injustice 2


Fighting games are notorious for being in the realm of those with ‘l33t skillz’. As the kids say. Said. 10 years ago. Anyway. I am definitely *not* of of them. As a result the world of fighting games has always … Read the rest

24 Apr

The Andromeda Chronicles Vol 3: A New Hope


This is a spoiler-free article, so feel free to read on.

At 36 hours I completed the main story of Mass Effect: Andromeda. This is worth nothing because I very rarely finish any game. It’s widely known in dev circles … Read the rest

14 Apr

The Andromeda Chronicles Vol 2: Easy Ryder


This one is spoiler-free, so read on gentle viewers.

According to my latest save file I’m 26 hours into the game and 46% completed the story. I had fully intended these articles to happen a little more frequently as I … Read the rest

8 Apr

The Andromeda Chronicles Vol 1: Thawing Out


If experience has taught me anything it’s that the games I enjoy are often those that the prominent games media aren’t crazy about.

I’m sure a large part of this is due to the fundamental difference in how a journalist … Read the rest

20 Dec

Jamie plays Star Wars Battlefront Rogue One VR Mission


…and is a traitor to The Rebellion.

28 Nov

No Man’s Sky Moment


The Foundation Update… is actually kinda neat. Just one small moment from my first day with the new patch.

10 Nov

Brief Note


Hi all.

We at O:P are a small hobbyist site. We don’t have the resources (yet) to do a lot of outreach and grow our audience, but for those of you — mostly friends and family — who do check … Read the rest

6 Nov

Gaming Gutcheck — Titanfall 2


So, speaking as someone who didn’t end up playing much of the original Titanfall (I picked it up after the multiplayer craze died down, and there was no single-player mode to speak of) I really wasn’t super into Titanfall 2 … Read the rest

4 Nov

Gaming Gutcheck — Tethered (PSVR)


When you think VR, anything first-person seems like the obvious application. After all, the whole *point* of VR is to feel like you’re actually immersed in an environment, rather than viewing it through a flat window.

The biggest surprise for … Read the rest