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Category: Dev Blog

12 Oct

Ep 3 Dev Blog #1 — Easing Back


After Episode 2 wrapped I felt like I needed a bit of a break and some time to get the board game stream project up and running. After that got moving I did something I haven’t done in a very … Read the rest

27 Jul

Ep 2 Dev Blog #12 — That’s A Wrap


Episode 2 is officially done. We’ll be announcing the release date on this weekend’s PUGCast so stay tuned for that.

What comes next? I’m taking a little break for a week or two, during which I’m hoping to finalize the … Read the rest

20 Jul

Ep 2 Dev Blog #11 — Stay on Target


This past week, all of the character animation for Ep 2 was completed. Now it’s down to some (fairly involved) VFX work, end credits, a final audio pass, and Ep 2 will be ready to be released into the wild. … Read the rest

13 Jul

Ep 2 Dev Blog #10 — Gettin’ There


I had a goal this week: finish this scene. It’s the longest in the episode and contains the most VFX work. I’m happy to say that I’m currently rendering the daily and the scene is done. As always there will … Read the rest

6 Jul

Ep 2 Dev Blog #9 — Taking Stock


Media producers face many challenges, depending on the requirements of the project. When Ridley Scott directed Blade Runner his challenge was to create a world of such texture and depth that suspension of disbelief would not be required. His production … Read the rest

29 Jun

Ep 2 Dev Blog #8 — The Thinker


This week I got stuck into the longest scene in episode 2. There are a few challenges mostly related to timing and compositing, as there are heavy elements of motion graphics and effects.

One of the more interesting questions that … Read the rest

22 Jun

Ep 2 Dev Blog #7 — Back in the Saddle


One of the goals in taking this year for O:P exclusively was to see if I could build momentum, both on the production end and in growing our audience. There are always speed bumps, as last week’s illness demonstrates, but … Read the rest

15 Jun

Ep 2 Dev Blog #6 — The Week That Wasn’t


We were supposed to record a podcast last weekend. Thursday night I noticed my throat getting scratchy. By Friday it was an intense ball of pain, and by Saturday a fairly high fever and total loss of voice. Long story … Read the rest

8 Jun

Ep 2 Dev Blog #5 — Slow Week


Sometimes you’re just not feelin’ it. That was the bulk of this week. Sat down on Monday to finish off some fairly simple animation and it just wasn’t flowing. I still got through it and it ended up fine but … Read the rest

1 Jun

Ep 2 Dev Blog #4 — Punching Through Custard


This week has been all about lip-sync. Let’s talk about lip-sync.

In cutout-style animation like O:P, most of the actual animation is done via motion tweening — limb joints, body bends, walking, etc, are keyframed. The object position/rotation starts on … Read the rest

25 May

Ep 2 Dev Blog #3 – Short Week


This past Monday was a long weekend in Canada, so I took it mostly off. Still did a bit of After Effects work that the final shot in the previous scene needed, but this week has mostly been setting up … Read the rest

18 May

Ep 2 Dev Blog #2 — aaaand scene


Week 3: All front-facing puppets are done for the main cast and work has started on the next scene.

When starting a new scene there’s always a period of slowdown since it usually involves new assets — backgrounds at the … Read the rest