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Category: Dev Blog

15 Jun

Dev Blog #6 — The Week That Wasn’t


Enjoy this stock photo

We were supposed to record a podcast last weekend. Thursday night I noticed my throat getting scratchy. By Friday it was an intense ball of pain, and by Saturday a fairly high fever and total loss … Read the rest

8 Jun

Dev Blog #5 — Slow Week



Sometimes you’re just not feelin’ it. That was the bulk of this week. Sat down on Monday to finish off some fairly simple animation and it just wasn’t flowing. I still got through it and it ended up fine … Read the rest

1 Jun

Dev Blog #4 — Punching Through Custard


May… are you okay?

This week has been all about lip-sync. Let’s talk about lip-sync.

In cutout-style animation like O:P, most of the actual animation is done via motion tweening — limb joints, body bends, walking, etc, are keyframed. The … Read the rest

25 May

Dev Blog #3 – Short Week


This screenshot contains no spoilers

This past Monday was a long weekend in Canada, so I took it mostly off. Still did a bit of After Effects work that the final shot in the previous scene needed, but this week … Read the rest

18 May

Dev Blog #2 — aaaand scene


We’re judging you

Week 3: All front-facing puppets are done for the main cast and work has started on the next scene.

When starting a new scene there’s always a period of slowdown since it usually involves new assets — … Read the rest

11 May

Dev Blog #1: Turnaround


Working on Wayne’s mouth positions for front view

The end of week 1 of working on O:P full time is here. It is my hope to do these blogs every Friday, hence the new numbering scheme.

In animation circles, one … Read the rest

4 May

O:P Dev Blog: A Long Awaited Update


If you listened to Ep 57 of The PUGCast, you know there’s been a fairly substantial change here at Operation: P.U.G.

Editing Ep 2 with cameo by Jimmy The Cat’s butt

Owing to various personal circumstances, I’ve found myself … Read the rest

10 Oct

Wee update and personal note


Hi y’all.

You may have noticed it’s been kinda quiet on the O:P front lately. No real reason, just real-life constantly getting in the way of fun stuff, but I wanted to chime in.

As always O:P is a labour … Read the rest

10 Apr

The Joker reads Macbeth


Voice acting warmup.… Read the rest

3 Feb

Show Notes: The Development of May (long-form article)

May V 1

Right from very first concepts of the show, it was important to us that Operation: P.U.G. have a diverse cast of characters. The number of cast members of the “main party” changed over time — The early concept, refined over … Read the rest

25 Dec

A personal note from Kevin


Over two years ago, some friends and I were playing Diablo 3. As was our custom, we were making jokes and cracking wise about the things happening in the game. One day someone made a quip that “These jokes are … Read the rest

25 Dec

Operation: P.U.G. Episode 1


A shadowy government agency. A determined young woman. A… video game? It all begins here, with the pilot episode of Operation: P.U.G..

Several years ago we got the wacky idea to make a cartoon, despite never having made one before. … Read the rest