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10 Nov

Hi all.

We at O:P are a small hobbyist site. We don’t have the resources (yet) to do a lot of outreach and grow our audience, but for those of you — mostly friends and family — who do check in I wanted to post something about the U.S. election.

I know some of our readers/podcast listeners are from the U.S., and moreover what happens there tends to affect everyone. This election in particular has, for many reasons, been felt more than any other I can recall.

I could write a lengthy piece but I think it would just get lost in the background noise. Let me just say that on behalf of Operation PUG, we stand firmly as allies with marginalized people. I think the valuable conversations around this new era will benefit from nuance so I will try to refrain from hyperbole, but I just wanted to be clear once again. We are pro-diversity, pro-human rights, pro-equality. That may get us labelled as “Social Justice Warriors” by some. Speaking only for myself, that’s fine with me.

I can’t put it any better than Austin Walker of Waypoint, so I urge you to click over and read and/or listen to his statement. Everything Mr Walker says about Waypoint’s agenda, goes for us here at Operation PUG as well.

Be safe. Be hopeful. We have your back.

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