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About O:PUG

Operation: P.U.G.

Proper noun: the name of a super-secret project run by a shadowy agency to run simulations of virtual worlds with the (P)rocedeural (U)niverse (G)enerator. See also: Pick Up Group.

It all started with some friends who play a lot of video games joking about making a cartoon. Kevin (aka NeonNazgul) had some experience hobbiest film making and 3D animation, and after it was determined that making a cartoon was something that could actually be possible, the site was launched and, after scripts were written and a voice cast recruited, the pilot episode of Operation: PUG was released on December 26, 2016.

As it became clearer that making a cartoon takes a long time, the group decided to expand the scope of the project beyond the cartoon. Since the show was a lampoon of nerd culture and video games, we launched a podcast and website as supplemental material to the cartoon. The cartoon would be the central core of the project, but Operation: PUG branched out into more areas of media with game commentary, live streams, videos, and movie reviews. We hope to make Operation: PUG a welcoming and inclusive destination for nerds of all kinds.

Current showrunners are Kevin (aka NeonNazgul), Jamie (aka Scummboy) and Andrew (aka Batphantom). New episodes of the cartoon are released when they’re ready, and the podcast (aka The PUGCast) is released on a bi-weekly basis.

We’re always happy to have input and bring more people on-board, so if you’d like to help out with any aspect of Operation: PUG, feel free to contact us.