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Gaming, Tech, Nerd Stuff. Also there's a cartoon.

About O:PUG

About O:P

Operation: P.U.G. is an Internet cartoon lampooning video games, pop culture and stuff of interest to nerds and geeks alike.  It is planned as a multi-season episodic series distributed online.

The inception for the show grew out of regular gaming sessions during which there were simply too many jokes to ignore.  The crew grew up on cartoons from the 80’s and are big fans of modern shows like The Venture Brothers, and one day the crazy idea to make a cartoon of their own suddenly hit home.  All three principals had some degree of experience in media production of various kinds, and once it was determined that such a project was feasible, the pilot was written and the show went into formal production.

With the launch of the site we’re broadening the scope of Operation: P.U.G. to include behind-the-scenes articles, development blogs, and a podcast that will comment on the diverse subjects that inform and influence the show.  We hope to make Operation: P.U.G. a welcoming  and inclusive destination for nerds of all kinds.