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Archive for September, 2018

20 Sep

Board Game Let’s Play: Temple of Elemental Evil Adventure 3


Who can you trust? NOBODY! We try to locate agents of the evil cult in the town of Red Larch. Adventure 3 in the Temple of Elemental Evil campaign for the D&D Adventure Board Game System.… Read the rest

18 Sep

Board Game Let’s Play: Thanos Rising


Thanos is just one of many jerks in the multiverse. Find out if we manage to stop him in this playthrough of the fun but tough board game Thanos Rising.… Read the rest

17 Sep

Board Game Let’s Play: Massive Darkness (Tutorial Mission)


Enjoy the debut stream of Massive Darkness, a super fun looty dungeon crawler.… Read the rest

16 Sep

PUGCast 66 — The CruiseCast


Set a course for adventure, your mind on a new romance…

– T-shirt check


– Henry Cavill out as Supes, apparently
– The Game Awards is seeking community submissions for people to recognize who have made positive contributions … Read the rest

9 Sep

Board Game Let’s Play: Imperial Assault Co-op


The Death Star has been destroyed. Now everything is great forever! Right?

Stream archive, part 1 of the 1st mission of Flight of the Freedom Fighter from Legends of the Alliance for Imperial Assault.


Part 2 is up which … Read the rest

7 Sep

September Movie Preview


September! Summer’s over, and the fall creeps in! Eventually. Fall is the best two weeks of the year in Toronto. Even though it’s film festival season, you wouldn’t know it from this month’s releases. It’s pretty rough, but as usual … Read the rest

2 Sep

Board Game Let’s Play: Temple of Elemental Evil Adventure 2


Arjahn and Allisa continue to work their way through the evil cultists to rescue… a dragony puppy?… Read the rest