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2017 Movie Outlook! The Whole Year!/ by /

2 Feb

I’m going to be blunt here; 2017 is shaping up to be an all-timer. There are some massive films coming out, several in rapid succession, and the creatives are running the show. Many filmmaking geniuses have been given the budgets they need to bring their visions to life in as spectacular fashion as they can imagine, and I’m friggin’ stoked. So I made a list of 25 big-ass films that are coming this year that you should get excited over.

  1. STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI – Dec. 15. Duh, right? Of course STAR WARS is on here. But it would be lower if it weren’t for the fact that Rian Johnson is directing. Here’s a guy who cut his teeth on great low-budget noir thrillers and amazing TV shows, and wham, he’s got one of the biggest films of all time. I’m extremely excited to see what he brings to the franchise.
  2. BLADE RUNNER 2049 – Oct. 6. Ridley Scott is on this list as well, but I’m far, far more excited about the return to the BLADE RUNNER universe, especially with the brilliant Denis Villeneuve behind the camera, whose hit ARRIVAL was one of the best of 2016, and SICARIO one of the best of 2015. Ryan Gosling looks perfect in the teaser.
  3. GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2 – May 5. Many expected the GUARDIANS to be Marvel’s first flop, instead it was a revelation, turning Chris Pratt into a megastar. James Gunn promises that this one is bigger and better in every way, and I have no doubt that’s true.
  4. SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING – July 7. Our extended introduction to the new Peter Parker in CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR set expectations very, very high for the proper Marvel debut for Spidey, and the first trailer is crackin’. But will there be too much Tony Stark? I doubt it. Director Jon Watts has never done anything close to this scale, but his comedic chops will help immensely.
  5. THOR: RAGNAROK – Nov. 3. Yeah yeah, the three Marvel releases are all together, bite me. But I’m almost equally excited for all of them. Bringing in Taika Waititi to direct was a huge gamble, but between WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS and HUNT FOR THE WILDERPEOPLE I expect nothing but greatness from this. And this is basically a Thor/Hulk team-up film!
  6. BABY DRIVER – Aug. 11. Likely the lowest budgeted film on the list, but it’s the latest from Edgar Wright, so you bet your ass I’m excited. This follows a young getaway driver who uses music to help him escape pursuit, so it should be a lot of fun.
  7. KONG: SKULL ISLAND – March 10. Legendary Films established a new Monsterverse with GODZILLA, and this continues the epic insanity with an incredible cast squaring off with the King of Skull Island, home of hellish creatures that only Kong can keep under control. I was a huge fan of the new GODZILLA and this looks to up the ante.
  8. JOHN WICK CHAPTER 2 – Feb. 10. The first film was a revelation, with the best action scenes put to film in North America. Reeves was basically perfect, and the promise of a return to The Continental makes me incredibly happy.
  9. VALERIAN AND THE CITY OF A THOUSAND PLANETS – June 21. Luc Besson’s THE FIFTH ELEMENT was an all-timer, and this one could be even bigger. The French have been making massive scale Sci-Fi for decades, at least in print, but no one has been able to capture the magic on screen, until now! We hope. I’m still worried this will all go right over the heads of American audiences, but with the global box office counting for more and more, that might not be an issue.
  10. KINGSMAN: THE GOLDEN CIRCLE – Oct. 6. Matthew Vaughn’s awesome spy flick was a surprise hit, and Eggsy is back for more, and he’s bringing, um, everyone. Jeff Bridges, Channing Tatum, Julianne Moore, hell, even Elton John is in it. The only problem is that it opens the same day as BLADE RUNNER (and, uh, MY LITTLE PONY), so I hope there’s enough goodwill to go around.
  11. WONDER WOMAN – June 2. WB’s third attempt to win back the nerds’ good graces after the execrable BATMAN V SUPERMAN COLON DAWN OF JUSTICE and SUICIDE SQUAD has a legit shot at pulling it off. The first trailer was magnificent, and it would be nice for the first female driven comic book film to be a big hit, but there are rumors that the film is in trouble. Hopefully they’ll pull it off.
  12. JUSTICE LEAGUE – Nov. 17. Zack Snyder swears that he’s learned his lesson and that this will be, above all, fun! Lord knows WB has pretty much everything riding on it. Don’t expect to see Superman in this until the end, since he’s dead. Or resting. It’ll still be a hell of a ride.
  13. DUNKIRK – Jun. 21. Christopher Nolan loves him some IMAX, and if you saw ROGUE ONE in IMAX you saw what’s in store. Most of the film was shot in native IMAX and should be pretty overwhelming.
  14. WAR FOR THE PLANET OF THE APES – July 14. This series was a surprise hit from the beginning, and the stakes are higher than ever. Woody Harrelson takes on the damn, dirty apes in this one, and he looks like he’s right off the set of APOCALYPSE NOW. Should be a hell of a thing.
  15. THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE – Feb. 10. THE LEGO MOVIE shocked everyone by being amazing, thanks to Chris Miller and Phil Lord. They’re not directly involved in this one, but their magic touch should carry over, especially with director Chris MacKay, best known for ROBOT CHICKEN and the short lived classic TITAN MAXIMUM. Will Arnett returns as the voice of Batman, easily the best since Kevin Conroy.
  16. ALIEN: COVENANT – May 19. Ridley is back, but let’s be honest, PROMETHEUS was, um, flawed, to say the least. Hopefully he learned his lesson, and at a glance this looks a lot closer to ALIENS than anything. This would be higher if not for that other movie.
  17. THE DARK TOWER – July 18. Hard to believe this is finally happening, but it looks pretty good. Idris Elba is inspired casting for Roland, and Matthew McConaughey should make a hell of a man in black. Unfortunately writing credit is still given to Akiva Fucking Goldsman, but hopefully most of his work has been overwritten by the other writers. Director Nikolaj Arcel has never tackled anything on this scale, so on the whole the endeavour is risky, but the rewards could be amazing since the source material is phenomenal.
  18. GHOST IN THE SHELL – March 31. The original film was an anime classic, so this one’s got a high target. The first trailer suggests it might just hit the mark. ScarJo looks great, despite seeming like a whitewashing of an Asian character. The original creator seems to be fine with it though, so play ball! Director Rupert Sanders’ only credit of note was the lukewarm SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN, so hopefully he’s game for this.
  19. LOGAN – March 3. I’m just not excited for another alternate future Wolverine story, but hey, it does look good. I’m still smarting from the disappointing third act of THE WOLVERINE, to say nothing of the terrible X:MEN: APOCALYPSE, but this is basically a standalone film, which honestly just confuses the timeline even more. Whatever, I’m sure it will still deliver the goods.
  20. FATE OF THE FURIOUS – April 14. This franchise has gotta be running out of steam. Making Vin the villain seems like a good idea, but no one buys that he’s really turned on his team. Just when you thought it couldn’t get more ridiculous, here comes Charlize Theron in a nuclear submarine. Still a hell of a lot of fun though.
  21. THE MUMMY – June 9. Universal is making a shared universe out of their classic monsters, and this is the foundation. Somehow they got Tom Cruise involved. It’s basically MISSION: UNDEAD, with insanely expensive set-piece action sequences. Pretty spectacular though.
  22. GEOSTORM – Oct. 20. Roland Emmerich is trashing the planet once again, with Gerard Butler as the saviour. Get this: Climate controlling satellites are out of control! While a heroic astronaut tries to deal with that, his brother learns of a plot to kill the president! Because one thing wasn’t enough. No one kills millions as spectacularly as Emmerich, and I love me some disaster porn.
  23. KING ARTHUR – May 12. Guy Ritchie is an exciting filmmaker, but this looks like a mashup of EXCALIBUR, LORD OF THE RINGS, and, well, LOCK STOCK AND TWO SMOKING BARRELS. Like many other films this year, this could be either genius or disaster, but this is supposed to be the start of a series, so they’ve got big plans.
  24. POWER RANGERS – March 24. Who ordered the gritty reboot of the beloved children’s show? This is picking up some steam as we get closer to release. The most recent trailer looked a lot better, and hopefully most of the film isn’t just an origin story, but hey, megazord! Somehow Bryan Cranston, Elizabeth Banks, and Bill Hader are also involved, so how bad could it be?
  25. TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT – June 23. Oh, Michael Bay. Why do you keep making these movies? Shouldn’t it be out of your system by now? This is his fifth kick at the can, and Paramount is expanding the universe with spinoff films starting next year. Now it looks like he’s finally bringing Unicron into live action, and Prime kills Bumblebee. Maybe. I don’t know. All I know is that I keep coming back like a beaten mule. I’m always hopeful that he’s found the right path with these films, but I really doubt this will fix everything, especially with Bay bringing massive explosion-based action into Arthurian times.

And there you have it! This pretty much covers the big-budget action for the year, but there’s definitely lots more great films in the pipeline that won’t be on the radar for months, so think of this as an amuse-bouche. Keep checking in for your monthly and weekly looks as well.

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