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Archive for April, 2016

29 Apr

New Movies for April 29


Last week for April! Next stop: Summermovieville. But there are some great releases this week!

KEANU – KEY & PEELE was a seminal sketch series with some of the funniest skits to ever hit the small screen, and they’ve finally … Read the rest

28 Apr

Podcast Note


Just a quick note that to accommodate schedules we’re deferring this week’s podcast to next week, so the next PUGCast will be up Monday April 9.… Read the rest

22 Apr

New Movies for April 22


Five new movies out this week, so let’s take a look!  Some snuck onto the release schedule after the monthly preview, so it’s fresh meat!

SING STREET – A young kid in ’80s Dublin starts a band to impress a … Read the rest

19 Apr

PUGCast on Google Play


Good news everyone! The PUGCast is now on Google Play Music Podcast service, for all your Android-fueled needs: Read the rest

18 Apr

PUGCast 15 — Animaybe


Do you want to hear about VR, Anime and a BIG REVEAL? Listen on!

– Intro, T-shirt Check (0:00)


– Maybe talk about Rogue One teaser? (3:53)
– Oculus and Vive both launch, have supply issues (13:21)
– Miitomo … Read the rest

15 Apr

New Movies for April 15


Thinking of heading to the movies this week? Why, here’s a handy guide to what’s out there!

DISNEY’S THE JUNGLE BOOK – It’s the story you know and probably love, but in THREE DEE! Seriously though, the 3D is said … Read the rest

8 Apr

New Movies for April 8


What’s on at the show this week? Why, movies of course! Tens and tens of movies! Let’s look at what’s new. For the record, Batman V Superman Colon Dawn Of Justice is still at the top because it’s in glorious … Read the rest

1 Apr

April Movie Preview


April movies bring May blockbusters! So let’s just get this month over with, shall we?

  1. KEANU – April 29. Key and Peele’s big screen debut features the cutest kitten in history. Oh, and it’s funny as hell.
Read the rest