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PUGCast 42 – The SlimeShitCast/ by /

19 Aug

After an unscheduled week off we’re back! Movies! Games! Confessions! Exclamation marks!


Tshirt check


– Crackdown 3 pushed to spring 2018
– XB1X Preorders Sunday?
– Spotify for Xbox One launches
– Disney is starting its own streaming service. Hooray?
– Streampocalypse
– RIP Haruo Nakajima
– Obi-Wan Kenobi: A Star Wars Story is happening, Stephen Daldry (Billy Elliott) to direct
– Fox has acquired rights to Neuromancer, Tim Miller (Deadpool) attached to direct
– Paul Scheer writing Galaxy Quest TV show for Amazon
– Uncharted: Lost Legacy pre-orders include Jax & Daxter ps4 port

Tree of Woe:

– Kevin’s been playing: Atlas Rising: the big No Mans Sky update
– In keeping with his being way behind the times, Jamie has finally started Shadows of Mordor.
– Kevin’s Confession
– The last week of Crota Challenge Raids (before D2 launches) has made Jamie feel feelings
– Andrew is playing Until Dawn, South Park Phone Destroyer, Slime Rancher

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